Executive Board


Denise Hsu

Engineering is the linkage between knowledge and design. All living organisms strive towards existence and proliferation. The efforts involved in pursuing existence are ahead of our imagination. It is an extreme pleasure to be contemplating living things, which consists of only energy and vibration, but takes an infinite number of forms.  I am a biomedical engineer with a mechanical background, and I pursued engineering because I am looking to build solutions with inventions that benefit species beyond us.

I was a full-time mechanical engineer at an electronics company before matriculating at Florida International University. My work responsibilities included product design, manufacturing quality control, and defect analysis. Our primary products included various electronic connectors, which consisted of components such as plastic housing from molds, stamped copper sheets, and electroplating. We worked closely with electroplating companies to explore microbial biodegradation for wastewater treatment in order to properly dispose electrolytes. However, with the amount of waste water generated from industries, microbial biodegradation is currently not the most feasible nor efficient method.  Upon graduation from FIU, one of my immediate career project is to further investigate microbial biodegradation of organic and inorganic wastes using cellular engineering.

My long-term goals include starting an interdisciplinary lab that focuses on bionics, which includes integration of organic tissues with non-organic substrates to create biomechanical anatomical parts for medical use. Being a Tau Beta Pi member would allow me to network and build a team with other distinguished engineers of multiple backgrounds from various parts of the world. The language of science, math, and engineering is universal, and it would be a great honor to share a platform such as Tau Beta Pi with other engineers to accomplish our goals.

Vice President

Marlon Burke

Social Chair

Nairoby Asprilla

To start off, my name is Nairoby Asprilla. I was born and raised in Panama. I am 29 years old and I moved to Miami on August 2018. I did my bachelor’s degree in maritime and ports operation in a University in my home country. After my graduation I worked for 3 years in a Japanese shipping company named MOL Panama as a data coordinator. Working there I had the opportunity to grow as a professional and apply all the knowledge I learned in my major studies. During my time working there I had the opportunity to perform several tasks and responsibilities. Some of them were the following: I coordinated the logistics of land containers in the East coast and West coast of the United States. Also, I give instructions to truckers where to drop off the chassis and genset once they delivered the container to port and verify their invoice before processed it for payment. I Gave authorization in ports to lift and move containers. I Updated the EDI system with the daily genset reports we received from the Terminals. I also, Track and trace containers all over the U.S.

During my time working there, I decided to apply to the Fulbright program that is an international exchange program aimed to increase the mutual understanding between countries. After applying twice to the program, I finally was elected to came to the United states and do my master in Logistics engineering at FIU. During my Fulbright Journey I’ve learned so much, not just in my master program but also from regular people with different backgrounds, cultures and experiences from around the world. This program has broad my mind in so many positive ways that I can say today that the Nairoby I used to be 2 years ago doesn’t exist anymore.

My career short-term goal is to is to be able to work in different sectors of the logistics and supply chain management industry such as, distribution centers, warehousing, inventory, import and export to obtain more related and valuable experience in my field. Once I achieve that level of expertise, my medium-term goal is to run my own import/export business in Panama and Miami.


Sasha Omadally

I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Astronomy and Physics. I am a member of FIU’s Engineers without Borders and I am employed by FIU’s Housing and Residential Life as a tutor for FIU students.

Ever since I was young I was always curious about the way things would work and why the world is the way that it is. Growing up in Trinidad and Tobago, where the economy is largely dominated by the oil and gas industry, I had assumed that if I were to be an engineer, the oil and gas industry was my only option and that did not interest me. It wasn’t until I heard about NASA’s Next Horizons and the Pluto fly-by that I got interested in pursuing a career in Astronomy and Aerospace engineering.

I am not sure in what field I would like to be employed in upon graduation but I am hoping that doing internships and networking with other engineers will help me to decide, staring with interning at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles in Summer 2020. After working in the field for a few years, I will decide if I want to further my studies in engineering and earn my Master’s Degree or pursue my passion and earn a degree in Astrophysics.

Professional Development Chair

Oscar Bautista

Hello members of Tau Beta Pi FIU,


Lorenzo Artola

My Name is Lorenzo Artola, FIU student, ambitious dreamer, optimist, and father of a rescue
puppy named Hero. Of course, the most important of which is the last item but may not pertinent to
this short intro (though the optimist in me hopes otherwise).

I’m a construction/engineering management student graduating summer 2020.


Najath Akram

Najath Akram is a PhD candidate at Florida International University since 2018. He completed his BS at University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka in electrical and information engineering in 2016 and joined the University of Akron, Ohio for his PhD where he studied for two years and transferred to FIU. He is currently working as the treasurer for the TBP theta chapter.

MindSET Chair

Amanda Barreto

I am a junior studying biomedical engineering. Currently I am a member of the CAR-THERA lab in the BME department. After I finish my degree, I would like to continue my education and enroll in a Ph.D. program focused on medical research. My proposed field of study is related to genetic and tissue engineering. I am thrilled to be part of such a renown organization that is TBP, and with commitment I wish to contribute and collaborate in a supporting and creative environment.


Juan C. Escobar

 Computer IT Specialist with a focus on client satisfaction and experience assisting users both remotely and in person. Efficiently builds loyalty and long-term relationships with customers. In-depth knowledge and understanding of numerous software packages and operating systems. Self-motivated with exceptional communication and computer capabilities. Committed and resourceful computer technician with 5+ years of experience in testing, installing, repairing and maintaining a diverse range of hardware, software and peripherals. 3+ years of previous management experience as a supervisor in a retail based environment.