Engineering Futures

The aim of our Engineering Futures program is to provide engineering students training in the soft skills they need to be successful in the workplace. Join us for three to four hour engaging activities where we focus on the following topics.

  • People Skills
  • Team Chartering
  • Group Process
  • Analytical Problem Solving
  • Effective Presentation Skills
  • Equity, Inclusion and Ethics

Our Engineering Future events are open to all engineering students at FIU. We greatly encourage you all to attend these events. Learn about the skills you need to have a successful career yet aren’t normally taught inside a traditional classroom.


The MindSET program is the outreach program of Tau Beta Pi. Join us as we visit our local K-12 schools and engage with the children in exciting STEM related projects. Participation in our MindSET program is open to all interested FIU students. If you would like to contribute alongside us, please contact any of our officers letting them know. 

Professional Development 

Professional development are events where we host workshops and invite guest speakers to provide guidance on how to transition into a full-time career or carry on with your education at the graduate level. Everyone is free to attend our professional development events! Please invite all your friends. We hope to see you there. 


Socials are events in which members (inclining alumni) and eligible candidates can meet up to spend some time playing games, watching movies, eating to get to know each other.


Bringing speakers to FIU and hosting the events we do can be rather expensive. Please help us raise money for the Tau Beta Pi Florida Theta Chapter by checking out the current fundraising activities going on right now. Spread the news if you can! It makes all the difference.

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FIU “FL Theta Chapter” REQUIREMENTS For Induction

  1. Attend (2) Professional Development events. (Mandatory)
  2. Attend (1) Mindset OR Engineering Futures event. (Mandatory)
  3. Attend (1) Social. (Mandatory)
  4. Acquire a total of 12 points by attending events (****The mandatory events will count towards your total required points***)

Events will be worth the following points:

  • Engineering Futures – 5
  • Mindset – 3
  • Professional Development – 2
  • Socials – 1